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We repair just about every mobile device on the market today. Our techs are Apple and Microsoft certified and have years of mobile repair experience. We specialize in iPad Repair, iPhone RepairiPod Repair, Samsung Galaxy Repair with an incredible 2-Year Warranty.

With MTech Repair Online, you’ll find our ship-in repair service to be quick & easy. We provide high value repairs at affordable prices and an outstanding warranty. In addition, our ship-in repairs are repaired and shipped back out the day after arrival, so you won’t be without your phone or tablet for long.

iPad Repair, iPhone Repair & More

We started by repairing the iPhone in 2010 and then quickly grew from repairing cell phones and tablets like the iPad, iPad Air, & iPad Mini, to now repairing every mobile device including laptops and computers. The most common issue that our customers encounter is a broken or shattered screen on their iPad. It is incredibly frustrating when your beloved device breaks, but we specialize in making broken iPads like NEW again! Many people assume that they have to get a replacement iPad from Apple, but in reality this extremely common problem can be fixed by our expert. All of our iPad screen repairs come with our 2-Year Warranty & Next Day repair turnaround.