iPad Repair for Schools

Here's the skinny on our iPad repairs for schools. Literally, I'm going to keep it skinny.Call 844-MYY MTECH

How our school iPad repair program works:

  1. Totally free shipping and 5% off our normal advertised price. Discount levels of 7.5% and 10% also available.
    • 2-4 iPads in an order: 5%
    • 5-9 iPads in an order: 7.5%
    • 10+ iPads in an order: 10%
  2. No minimum monthly spend amount needed to keep your discount.
  3. Our prices are less than half of what Apple charges, plus all our iPad repairs come with our 2-Year Warranty.
  4. No-hassle repairs! With Apple, you have to transfer all the data to a replacement iPad. Our repair process does not affect any data on the iPad.
  5. Repair turnaround time is 1-3 business days, depending on the size of your order.
  6. Net 30 day terms available.

We are a national iPad repair company that's accredited by the BBB, and we've been repairing iPads since its release in 2010. As part of MTech Repair, we are recognized for helping thousands of people through iHeartRepair.com and  iPadScreenRepair.com.

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Refurbished iPads for Schools

If you are looking to purchase iPads for your students, consider buying our refurbished iPads to keep your costs low. All of our refurbished iPads are certified for quality & come with a 90 day warranty. That's the same as an Apple refurbished iPad! After the warranty period we will continue to service your iPads with our school repair program. If you need 10, 20, or 50+ iPads, we can get those quantities to you in a reasonable timeframe.

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PS: So maybe that wasn't so skinny after all!