Ballistic Tough Jacket Case for iPad

The Tough Jacket Case by Ballistic for iPad 2 & iPad with Retina Display is an excellent case for those who want to keep their iPad protected from accidental damage! This case is comparable to the defender. It has all the features of the OtterBox Defender, PLUS a few features the Defender doesn't have. Overall, we find the build quality of the Ballistic case for the iPad to be just as good as the defender, and it comes at an even better price!

iPad Ballistic Case Features

  • Advanced three layer protection
  • Layer 1 - Inner silicone layer absorbs shock
  • Layer 2 - Impact-resistant hard plastic protects the iPad
  • Layer 3 - Shock-absorbent polymer layer
  • Thicker Ballistic Corners™ for drop protection
  • Removable cover that can also be used on the back as a kickstand
  • Lay-on-table feature (screen never touches the surface of a table when laid flat)
The Ballistic Tough Jacket for the iPad 2 & iPad with Retina Display is protection you don’t have to think twice about. This case is three layers of the strongest protection on the market. An amazing feature in our Tough Jacket Series is Ballistic Corners™ - which means all four corners have extra shock absorption where you need it the most! Also included with this amazing case is a front cover attachment that will help protect the screen during travel. The cover can be removed and placed on the back of your case and used as a kickstand for your new iPad!

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